Mathematical Economics Course


New to post-grad economics at the University of Cape Town? Or just needing a refresher about how to go about your studies? Look for information in , which also contains recommendations you may not have heard about before.

This website supports the ECO5011F Quantitative Methods for Economists course at the University of Cape Town (a mathematical economics course). It is a brief, four-week course, on statistics and mathematical economics, before the semester proper starts. After the lectures, during the semester, there is time for revision. The exam is in June. 

The Syllabus page on this website gives structure for a mathematical economics course, by recommending textbook chapters (both prerequisites as well as compulsory chapters). This website is a fairly static form of communication about this course, and is intended as a reference.


If you have a mathematical question, please use to ask it. In the StackExchange forum, questions tend to be well-worded and well thought out. Although other volunteers worldwide may attend to your questions there, the class can also interact with each other's questions on Math.SE. We should create a Google Sheet that lists our usernames (you may choose an anonymous username if you wish, but I think it's best that we know each other's usernames). You might even direct the volunteers there to this website, in case any are unsure about what we're doing. For Economics questions, please use and for Statistics questions, please use . The StackExchange sites have gamification built in, so you will earn reputation points! 😀  The StackExchange sites are also formal, academic spaces, where academic debate and discussion can happen easily. If in doubt, use the Meta site attached to the main site you're using.


I am Mr Aidan Horn, a SALDRU Junior Researcher. I completed my Masters during Feb 2019 – March 2020, and I have spent time on academic economics research since then. I am researching occupations in PALMS, and I research social insurance and earnings levels in South Africa. My supervisors are Prof Murray Leibbrandt and Prof Andrew Donaldson. 


I am able to restrict this site to the students and staff of the course only. That takes admin. I am also able to request public search engines not to display my site (unindexed, on the deep web). However, I feel that this site is relevant to any university, which is looking at teaching mathematical economics. If you find a broken link, please email me on . I created this site on Google Sites, for free.